The Perfect Joke

June 28, 2014 Posted by Ingrid

My husband is turning 40 this weekend and I thought I would throw a little humor into the event. I bought him some nice gifts like shirts and a new creeper for his car garage, but there were a few other “not so nice things” that I purchased as well. The two humorus gifts that I bought were a box of incontinence pads and a container of ensure. I’m sure at the party he will slap a smile on his face, but I’m not so sure the smile will stay when all of the guests leave. The one thing that he has never had that I am trying to give him is a sense of humor. He as always been rather cranky when it comes to jokes being played on him, but anytime he wanted to crack one at somebody else, it was perfectly okay. That always seems to be the way it goes with men.

Pads for the Overactive Bladder

March 1, 2014 Posted by Ingrid

You can find many high quality incontinence products in your local retail store or online. The pads are designed for anyone with an overactive bladder or other medical reasons for incontinence. The typical pads are shaped exactly like a menstrual pad. They are very effective in catching excessive leakage and keep the skin from breaking down.

The pad can handle light, moderate and heavy incontinence. They are made to be worn by both genders with ease. Many of the pads are made with a self-adhesive strip or beltless. It is layered and will lock in the moisture in order to keep the skin dry. There are many pads on the market that will fight odor too. Many elderly people find the pads very convenient for travel. They are compact enough to fit in a purse. There are pads with a wetness indicator that will turn blue once urine is absorbed.

Proud of my friend

January 24, 2014 Posted by Ingrid

My poor friend is suffering from incontinence. I feel so sorry for her. It’s so bad that pads won’t do and she has to wear adult nappies which she feels terribly embarrassed about. Fortunately these nappies are very discreet so no-one has to know, which is such a relief for her. 

She was chief bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding the other week so obviously she’d been a bit worried about standing out and people noticing. She needn’t have worried. You really couldn’t tell she was wearing a nappy and she stood out for all the right reasons. I’m so proud of my friend for being who she is, for being so brave, and for daring to confide in me and trusting me to support her.

Growing flowers inside is easy

January 11, 2014 Posted by Ingrid

My mother has had a blank, boring living room wall for years. After trying various pieces of artwork, none of which looked good in her minimalist room, she decided to look at indoor living wall. Nothing more than a wall-mounted planter, an indoor living wall showcases plants and flowers. After looking at photos on the Internet, my mother decided she would like one.

She went to a gardening store and picked out some ivy, along with a flat of vibrant flowers. She then bought a small trellis, some lightweight plastic planter pots, and spoke to one of the staff about the equipment needed to set up a small living wall indoors.

Back home my mother directed, while my husband and I created her living wall using nothing but a trellis, a few plastic planters and a simple hydration system. A few months later, and it really does look lovely.